Rightline Gear Car Top Duffle Bag

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Product Details

  • Increase the efficiency of your on-the-go lifestyle with the dual-function, all-weather Rightline Gear Car Top Duffle Bag
  • Gain extra cargo space on the roof of your minivan, crossover, sedan or SUV, and easily carry as personal luggage when you arrive
  • Waterproof fabrication includes PVC-coated mesh, welded seams, urethane-coated zipper and Velcro-close zipper cover
  • Stretching inside to 4 cubic feet of storage, which can be carried on the shoulder thanks to an adjustable strap
  • No rack needed
  • Includes two tie-down straps and four car clips
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty

Cargo carriers mounted to roof racks and tracks are heavy, cumbersome to remove, and only solve one problem… limited storage space while traveling in your vehicle. What if your necessary additional personal items can’t stay with your vehicle, but must be conveniently carried inside or further down the road? With the Rightline Gear Car Top Duffle Bag, your gear will stay with you on the road or off, and can be easily positioned or removed in less than a minute, while still being protected from the elements.

The 4 cubic feet of cargo space is encased in advanced luggage technology. The moisture-free engineering starts with PVC-coated mesh fabric. All the zippers are designed to be long-lasting and watertight. And, you can easily carry this entire load by hand or on your shoulder using the adjustable strap.

This bag comes with car clips and tie-down straps. These tools help you install this portable storage unit to the top of your minivan, crossover, sedan or SUV, even without a roof rack. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Rightline Gear Car Top Duffle Bag with a 1-Year Warranty.