ROCKSTAR Hitch Mount Mud Flaps

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Product Details

  • With ROCKSTAR Hitch Mount Mud Flaps, you'll shield your payload and paint job from flying dirt, mud and road grime that's easily swept up at high speeds
  • Choose from a smooth or diamond plate surface (both feature anti-rust qualities)
  • Features a stabilizer plate and rubber-capped spacers for structural balance
  • Half-inch rubber surfacing helps prevent ice and mud buildup
  • Flexible clamping mechanism latches on in 15 minutes
  • Accessible frame openings for receiver, pin and wiring
  • Simple installation with no power tools necessary
  • Supported by a 1-Year Warranty

It hurts to see your precious paint job scuffed and scratched from hot, rocky asphalt. When you're cruising down the road towards the beach or the mountains, the last thing you need to worry about is your boat or trailer getting grazed by flying debris. The ROCKSTAR Hitch Mount Mud Flaps protects your cargo from preventable cosmetic damage that can diminish your finish.

By conveniently attaching to your vehicle's hitch, the mud flaps easily create an impenetrable barrier between your rims and payload. Thickened, half-inch rubber material prevents ice and dirt buildup, and stays in place with the help of a stabilizing plate and rubber-capped wheel spacers. Not only will your mud flaps have a simple, mod-free installation process, your receiver, pin and wiring assembly can also be comfortably handled through fitted frame slots for optimal convenience. Whether you select the smooth or diamond plate finish, your mud flaps feature surfacing that protects against corrosion while looking good.

Confidently haul your cargo completely scratch-free with the ROCKSTAR Hitch Mount Mud Flaps! Comes with a 1-Year Warranty.