Running Boards, Side Steps & Nerf Bars


About Running Boards & Side Steps

Nothing beats the utility and functionality of a really big truck or SUV. The only downside is that climbing in and out can be a real pain in the neck. That’s where running boards, nerf bars, and side steps come in. Not only will a durable set of running boards help you and your passengers get in and out of your cab, they also bring a rugged new look to your truck or SUV. Aside from that, certain models of side steps can also help protect your paint and finish from dings and scrapes from road debris or shopping carts. Improving both style and functionality, where’s the downside?

With a wide step right below your door, running boards are designed to offer traction and sturdiness to the most weary of work boots. With seriously aggressive tread patterns, you’ll have enough traction to confidently climb into your rig in any weather, any climate, and any time of year. Whether your boots have been crunching through snow, sludging through mud, or splashing through rain puddles, your nerf bars will greet them like an inviting welcome mat any time at all. And when you see how much tougher your rig looks with them, you’ll wonder how you ever waited.