Saddleman Canvas Seat Covers

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Product Details

  • Saddleman Canvas Seat Covers are a great way to add refined comfort to your interior while also protecting your factory seats
  • Improved finish and trim made from quality canvas fabric for increased durability and comfort
  • Machine washable, so cleaning up after messy passengers is convenient
  • Built to last - the ideal seat cover for traveling with a pet
  • Uses measurements of your vehicle for a customized fit
  • No tools are required for installation
  • Choose from 6 color schemes to complement your interior
  • Saddleman offers Lifetime Customer Support
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty

There's a very good reason that some of the comfiest, most reliable items are made using canvas material. Just like a great pair of shoes or a rugged backpack, Saddleman Canvas Seat Covers are made of high-quality canvas that's soft and comfy while still being sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of regular use.

Your seat covers are engineered using the measurements of your specific vehicle's year, make, and model, assuring a precise and snug fit with high-quality edging that won't bunch or sag. With a new and enhanced adjustable install mechanism, this custom cut also ensures a quick and easy installation without having to cut or stretch the material. Best of all, there are no tools necessary so you can keep the toolbox closed. The breathable canvas fabric is also machine washable and dries quickly, making these seat covers ideal for shielding your OE car seats from spilled coffee or muddy dog paw prints when your furry friend is along for the ride.

Saddleman SureFit Canvas Seat Covers come in a variety of vibrant color options, all with an enhanced finish. They're a terrific option for protecting brand-new seats or updating the look of an older interior. Your seat covers are created in the United States and come with a Two-Year Warranty and Lifetime Customer Support. Please note that Saddleman Canvas Seat Covers are handcrafted to order. Because various fabric rolls may have slightly different colors or designs, order both the front and back coverings at the same time to ensure a uniform appearance.

Saddleman Canvas Seat Covers Customer Reviews


Overall Rating:

5.0 of 5

Average Install Time:

1 - 2 hours
who drives a Honda Passport

Quality Product! Snug fit. Fairly easy to install. 2023 Honda Passport

Install Time: 1 - 2 hours