Saddleman MaxProtect Ballistic Seat Covers

6224 CMf
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Product Details

  • Saddleman MaxProtect Ballistic Seat Covers repel wetness attached to your clothing and gear from storms, surf or sweat
  • Tailor-made, custom-fit patterns with high-quality trim are Surefit Guaranteed
  • Choose from sleek, solid-color options and two-town, sporty styles
  • Simply clean with a mild solution of fabric cleaner
  • DIY no-tool installation takes just a few minutes
  • Manufactured in the USA with a 2-Year Warranty

Drip on. Wipe off. Spill on. Wipe off. Rinse and Repeat. Saddleman MaxProtect Ballistic Seat Covers are taking water resistance to an impressive level. Committing to an upgrade has never been this easy.

Your MaxProtect Covers are customized to your exact make and model to provide a snug shield. Select from the uniform, monochromatic, solid colors of Black, Charcoal and Grey, or showcase your rebel side with the two-tone, color-blocking set of Charcoal/Black and Grey/Black.

No tools are necessary for this slide-on installation. And, no slipping or bunching will happen on your wild ride, thanks to the fully adjustable Saddleman system. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Saddleman MaxProtect Ballistic Seat Covers, manufactured in the USA with a 2-Year Warranty.