Saddleman MegaTek HD3 Seat Covers

7090 CMf
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Product Details

  • Create a better barrier with the impenetrable, indestructible, undeniably tough Saddleman MegaTek HD3 Seat Covers
  • The water-resistant, anti-tear technology will take on all the stress, no matter how messy it gets
  • A seamless blend of comfort and strong fabrication
  • Choose from Black, Charcoal or Gray
  • Manufactured in the USA with a 2-Year Warranty

Dirt, grime, mud and soaking wet jackets. Grease, tar, concrete dust and road debris. Grass stains, sports equipment and sweat. Fur, nails, slobber and ‘accidents.’ Coffee, makeup and leaking lunch bags. No spill, stain or sharp edge is too small or too big for Saddleman MegaTek HD3 Seat Covers.

The tailor-made Saddleman Seat Covers utilize Surefit™ patterns for a direct match to your car, truck, van or SUV's specific make and model. Smooth and comfortable, these durable covers are also water-resistant, and thanks to Anti-Tear Technolgy they’re virtually indestructible. When possible, headrest, armrest and console covers are also included. Select from three trendy color options: Black, Charcoal or Gray. Your MegaTek HD3 Covers are trimmed with the finest fabrication to elevate the fit and finish in your interior.

Easily spot clean your covers with a mild fabric cleaner solution. Quickly slip each cover on using Saddleman’s new and improved adjustable installation system. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Saddleman MegaTek HD3 Seat Covers, manufactured in the USA with a 2-Year Warranty.