SeaSucker Naked Flex Tablet Mount EL6203B

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  • Our Price: $99.00
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  • Part Number: EL6203B
  • Store SKU: AAGSSEL6203B
  • UPC: 810046210420
  • Finish: Black
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  • The SeaSucker Naked Flex Tablet Mount allows you to attach almost any tablet to virtually anything
  • Two vacuum mount suction cups, at 4.5" each, attach to almost any solid surface
  • No specific brackets are necessary, regardless of the kind of device
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Options include Black or White
  • Protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

So, you just purchased a new tablet. Great! But when will it become obsolete, forcing you to replace not just your tablet but also its covers, chargers and accessories? Fortunately, the SeaSucker Naked Flex Tablet Mount's global design ensures that it will fit almost any tablet, whether it exists now or not.

Your SeaSucker Naked Flex Tablet Mount's vacuum mounts on the other end are just as adaptable. This device may be mounted safely on almost any tabletop, window, sunroof, bathtub, etc. You can simply take it and go because there's no need to match particular brackets to your iPad or Kindle, for example.

You may choose between a Black or White finish for this mount to suit your style. NAPA proudly sells the American-made SeaSucker Naked Flex Tablet Mount, protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.