Skyjacker Pitman Arm

3517 M
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Product Details

  • The Skyjacker Pitman Arm compensates for the changing angles of lifted suspensions
  • Eliminates bump steer and ensures proper steering
  • It is custom-made to fit your vehicle perfectly for ideal performance
  • The arm has been X-ray tested to ensure its highest quality and strength
  • Available in Standard Drop or Extreme Drop options
  • It is forged in America with a Lifetime Warranty

When it comes to taking your vehicle off-road, there's nothing worse than an annoying bumpy ride. You can go as slow as you want and try to navigate around those bumps but sometimes they just won't budge. That's why the Skyjacker Pitman Arm was invented; custom-made for each specific make and model of vehicle, so you never have to worry about fitment issues again.

Your Skyjacker Pitman Arm is constructed with X-rayed hardened steel that holds up under extreme conditions - no matter how rough the terrain gets or how many times you take a spill. So don't let those bumps keep getting in the way of your fun. Get out there today and experience some straight driving on those exciting trails. With this arm upgrade installed on your car or truck, the sky is the limit for you and your ride! Pitman has got your back with a Lifetime Warranty on your Skyjacker Pitman Arm.