Skyjacker Stainless Steel Brake Line

3510 M
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Product Details

  • Get the stretch your brake line needs on your lifted pickup, Jeep or SUV with Skyjacker Stainless Steel Brake Line
  • Designed for high-speed travel and off-road adventures thanks to durable, braided, stainless-steel composition
  • Take advantage of robust fittings that guarantee a high-quality connection
  • Fabricated with an extruded polyurethane coat
  • Applicable to front and rear lifted brakes
  • Customized for a precise application to your specific make and model

Whether your crew is crawling down a ravine or cruising to your rental cabin at the lake, you need dependable, responsive braking. With a lifted Jeep, pickup or SUV, your brakes and your master cylinder are out of reach from each other. Reach across this gap with the Skyjacker Stainless Steel Brake Line.

Your Skyjacker Brake Line is built to last from robust, braided stainless steel. Your replacement brake line for lifted rides is coated in extruded polyurethane to prevent wear. The new component is finished with strong fittings that deliver snug connections.

The Skyjacker Stainless Steel Brake Line is perfect for lifted front and rear brakes. And your replacement brake line is customized to go the distance for your exact SUV, pickup or Jeep.