SnowBear Snow Plow

3873 C Univ.
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Product Details

  • The SnowBear Snow Plow is a durable, user-friendly personal utility snowplow
  • Choose the size blade you need to slice through snowdrifts: 85-inch, 84-inch, or 88-inch
  • Comes with an electric winch so you can lift and lower your snow plow blade while driving
  • When the plow blade contacts an obstacle, heavy-duty tension springs allow it to tip forward, minimizing damage to equipment
  • Adaptable positioning means it can operate in five different angles
  • Snow deflectors boost visibility by preventing snow from splattering on your windshield
  • Scraper is made of reinforced steel
  • Direct-to-battery design makes wiring simple
  • The attractive black powder-coat finish resists rust and moisture damage
  • Comes with wireless remote, deflectors, plow marker kit, and skid shoes
  • SnowBear Accessories like halogen lights and casters are a great addition to your snowplow
  • NOTE: Separate 2-inch front mount hitch is required for mounting - NOT INCLUDED
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty

Your kids may be extremely disappointed to learn that your new SnowBear Snow Plow might just render the concept of a "Snow Day" obsolete. This powerful snowplow slices cleanly and easily through thick, heavy snowdrifts, leaving a clear route for pedestrians, bikes, and even your car. It's been developed specifically for personal use, so it's the ideal weight and strength for a daily driver.

Say goodbye to sore backs, costly snow removal services, and oversized professional plows that demand a full suspension upgrade. This snow plow is about the same price as a snowblower and allows you to clear a path through the thickest snow, whenever you want, wherever your route needs to go - even if it's back to school. Sorry, kids.

The Snow Bear Snow Plow is purpose-built to handle even the heaviest of blizzard remnants. The heavy-duty tubular steel frame comes with your choice of an 82-inch, 84-inch, or 88-inch strengthened steel blade bolted right on it. The blade features a powder-coated finish that looks great slicing through piles of powder, and is rust-resistant, and won't collect snow as you work. This plow mounts to your rig using any 2" front mounting hitch (not included with purchase). Simply align the plow receiver with the posts on the mounting system and insert the locking pins when you're ready to plow. It also comes with a deflector, skid shoes, and a plow marker kit for added safety. The included electric winch regulates the speed of your plow.

It's simple to set up: just connect the winch to your battery using the included wiring and you're ready to forge ahead! The impact-absorbing tension springs protect the blade from snow-covered objects, preventing damage to your vehicle. The blade's built-in snow deflector redirects discarded snow down and away from your windshield, improving vision so you have an overall pleasant, safe plowing experience.

You'd better tell your kids it's time to grab their backpacks and lunchboxes because you just installed the SnowBear Snow Plow, the arch-nemesis of the Snow Day! Keep your roads, walks, and parking lots clear and snow-free with the durable, easy-to-operate SnowBear Snow Plow. Comes with a 1-Year Warranty.

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