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  • Design: Spot Lights
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  • Personalize your vehicle with the STEDI Customizable Switch Panel & Rocker Switches
  • Blue backlight illuminates switch
  • Crafted to work with 12V driving lights
  • Fast and straightforward installation
  • Comes with a 2-Year Warranty

STEDI has earned their reputation for reliable and intuitive design in the automotive accessories community. If it's time to incorporate some slick, user-friendly accessories in your vehicle, the STEDI Customizable Switch Panel & Rocker Switches are a great place to start.

Your STEDI Rocker Switch is an adaptable choice that works with al vehicles with holder dimensions of 36.83 millimeters x 21 millimeters. It comes in a vast range of print options (21 in all), from light-related themes to accessories and auxiliary capability, so you can get the perfect match for your vehicle. The On/Off functionality is straightforward and dash/power illuminates whenever your vehicle's dash lights are illuminated. An indicator icon lets you know your switch is active and ready to be engaged.

STEDI Customizable Switch Panels are designed to be modular for maximum customization potential - add or take away switches whenever you want! Installation is simple and usually only takes most drivers a few minutes. Your purchase is supported by a 2-Year Warranty. 

STEDI Customizable Switch Panel & Rocker Switches Customer Reviews


Overall Rating:

1.0 of 5

Average Install Time:

More than 2 hours


I only received 1 of 4 switches ordered and vendor seems to be fighting me about product being delivered, packing slip also says 1 product shipped. About to dispute entire charge.

Install Time: More than 2 hours