STEDI LED Task & Camp Light

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  • With the STEDI LED Task & Camp Light, you can work or play long after the sun sets or inclement weather rolls in
  • It can run for up to 5 hours on high and 139 hours on low
  • There are different brightness levels for different uses
  • Rated IP65, rendering this unit waterproof
  • Comes with a USB-C connector
  • Protected with a 2-Year Warranty

The STEDI LED Task & Camp Light is an excellent choice if you want a light that can be used for many different projects and gives off great light. This small unit gives off bright, well-balanced White light with as little glare as possible.

The T1000 and the T1500 are the STEDI LED Task & Camp Light types you can buy. The T1000 has a flood light with 1,000 lumens, a middle flood light with 430 lumens and a dim flood light with 70 lumens. In comparison, the T1500 has a full flood setting of 1,500 lumens and three other settings of 660 lumens, 320 lumens and 45 lumens.

Both LED types can be fully charged in 4 to 5 hours, and they can run on low for up to 139 hours or for 5 hours at a time at full power. STEDI is a trusted brand that cares about its customers, which is another reason that NAPA proudly sells the STEDI LED Task & Camp Light, protected with a 2-Year Warranty.