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  • The STEDI Mini LED Flood Light gives off a lot of bright light for its size
  • Includes two Osram LED lights with a flood beam that is 40 degrees wide
  • Rated IP67 which renders this unit waterproof
  • Built to last using strong lens screws
  • Protected with a 2-Year Warranty

The STEDI Mini LED Flood Light is a small powerhouse that defies its size and weighs just over half a pound. Even though this LED is small, it has two 5w Osram LEDs that can illuminate the night. This innovative lens and all its fixings make this light more secure and long-lasting.

Your Mini LED is built to last and has a flood beam that is 40 degrees wide and only uses half an amp. Plus, you can put this light almost anywhere. Use this unit to light up your work outpost, engine room, truck bed, trunk, camping grounds, or anywhere else you can think of that needs some brightness.

The U-bolt or Flush Face Plate that comes with this unit also makes it easy to install. This light works with both 12V and 24V, has a waterproof rating of IP67, and comes with both male and female connections that are also waterproof for your convenience. NAPA proudly sells the STEDI Mini LED Flood Light, protected with a 2-Year Warranty.