STEDI ST3301 LED Work Light

7998 Univ.
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Product Details

  • Whatever you're working on, keep a brilliant light close to hand with the STEDI ST3301 LED Work Light
  • Get 250 times the impact resistance with a super-strong GE Texan lens
  • Incorporates a waterproof Deutsch DT connector
  • Shines a crisp 5600K Color Temperature
  • Rated for IP68 Waterproofing
  • Includes a 2-Year Warranty

Precision craftsmanship from start to finish is what you’ll find in the STEDI ST3301 LED Work Light. It provides an abundance of light in the mid-range and exceptional visibility along road shoulders and features OSRAM™ LEDs and advanced lighting technology into a compact and durable work light suitable for any job.

Crafted to perform across an array of applications, the STEDI ST3301 LED Work Light emits a powerful beam that effortlessly illuminates spaces of any size. Its compact size belies its strength, allowing you to shine a powerful beam that effectively illuminates the environment around you. The unique flood reflector sets a new standard by minimizing light scatter along the vertical axis, resulting in a highly concentrated beam that shines right where it matters most.

Engineered with a half-width beam angle of 45°, this work light offers versatile rotations, ensuring excellent coverage and optimal light distribution. This light is IP68 Waterproof and guaranteed against EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Interference. Comes with a 2-Year Warranty.