STEDI Type-X Sport LED Driving Lights LEDTYPE-X-SRT-7INCH

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  • Our Price: $419.99
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  • Part Number: LEDTYPE-X-SRT-7INCH
  • UPC: 664766739408
  • Diameter: 7 in. Diameter
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  • Get the quality you need from the budget-friendly STEDI Type-X Sport LED Driving Lights
  • Take advantage of scratch-proof housing of the robust 3mm GE Lexan lens
  • Advanced design is waterproof up to 3 meters and IP68 dust and particle sealed
  • Incorporates stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Comes with an EMI & RFI Suppression circuitry guarantee and a 5-Year Warranty

Get the quality you can depend on while staying within your budget, thanks to the revolutionary STEDI Type-X Sport LED Driving Lights. These state-of-the-art driving lights are guaranteed to outshine the competition.

Take advantage of STEDI’s advanced housing, LEDs and reflector application. You will love the piercing light from a condensed beam, created by expanding the depth of the optics by 35%. Using an optimal beam diameter, your Type-X Sport LEDs project to an astounding 1,050 meters. 

Each STEDI driving light incorporates four distinct wide beams, which can be diverted into a single spotlight. The STEDI Type-X Sport LED Driving Lights come with installation HD brackets and a 5-Year Warranty.