STEDI Wiring Harness Splitter WIR2TO1-DT

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  • The STEDI Wiring Harness Splitter supplies power to two lights with a single harness
  • DT 2 to 1 Connector
  • Current rating of 15 Amps
  • Cable length is 900 millimeters, full length is 1500 millimeters
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty

If you’re looking for double the illumination power without an additional wiring harness, the STEDI Wiring Harness Splitter is perfect for you! Provided you don’t need to pull more than 15 Amps, this single wiring harness provides power to two auxiliary lights so you can keep your lighting solutions simple.

Your STEDI Wiring Harness Splitter is a two-to-one Deutsch DT Connector Splitter with a cable length of 900 millimeters. When fully extended, this wiring harness measures a full 1500 millimeters. Your purchase is supported by a 1-Year Warranty.