STEDI Work Light Wiring Harness WIRLED-KIT

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  • The STEDI Work Light Wiring Harness enables you to get your work lights in order, illuminating your space
  • Includes a 2.0-meter Cable for Light Connectors to Relay
  • Includes a 2.8-meter Cable for Relay to Switch
  • Engineered with UV-rated insulation
  • Protected with a 2-Year Warranty

Everything you require to set up and operate your work lights comes included in the STEDI Work Light Wiring Harness. A straightforward On/Off switch makes it simple to turn on the lights. Additionally, this design allows you to connect multiple lights, a light bar and the relay is 40 Amp-rated.

A 12 Volt, 30 Amp-rated Fuse Kit and a 12 Volt, 60 Amp-rated Switching Relay are both included in your STEDI Wiring Harness kit. The total length of the wiring in this system is 4.8 meters, of which 2.8 are from the relay to the switch, and 2.0 are from the relay to the light connectors.

STEDI is a trusted brand with happy customers who love their products. Enjoy this product that provides you with everything needed to get your work sites well-lit and in operation after dark or during inclement weather conditions. NAPA proudly sells the STEDI Work Light Wiring Harness protected with a 2-Year Warranty.