SuperSprings SumoSprings Kit

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Product Details

  • Enjoy your camper, personal pickup and work van even more with the air-free SuperSprings SumoSprings Kit
  • Take advantage of up to 50% release rate and up to 80% compression rate, and achieve complete control over your load with anti-wobble firmness
  • Apply to front to counterbalance frontend accessories like winches and plows; strap on the back for hauling and towing heavy loads
  • Advanced no-air ‘airbags’ fabricated from dense polyurethane without susceptibility to pops, snags, cuts and tears
  • Performance guaranteed with puncture-proof underbody reliability and low-temp adaptability
  • Drill-free install possible on small applications; modifications might be needed for large vehicles
  • Manufactured in the United States with a 2-Year Warranty

Picture this: You are heading out for an adventure with your family or you are transporting cargo across a great distance…and you hear a pop and a whistling of air. Now put those worries in the rearview mirror with the advanced, built-tough SuperSprings SumoSprings Kit. This air-less “airbag” suspension design retains its critical shape to keep your load perfectly balanced. Gain improved handling, sway control, precise leveling and body roll elimination.

This state-of-the-art polyurethane fabrication is guaranteed to perform in harsh conditions, tested to under -40 degrees without rupturing and more than 200 degrees without warping. Take advantage of up to 50% release rate and up to 80% compression rate. Eliminate sagging from heavy loads with these front and rear aftermarket springs.

Compatible with nearly all personal pickups, commercial vans and trailers. NAPA is proud to offer the SuperSprings SumoSprings Kit with a 2-Year Warranty.