Surco Removable Deck Rack

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Product Details

  • Transform your smaller ride into a cargo-hauling machine with the Surco Removable Deck Rack
  • Comes already assembled and ready to be mounted
  • Utilizes trunk lid to expand your cargo capacity
  • Made of stainless steel for extra strength
  • Features durable, electropolished coat
  • Cushioned bottom prevents scuffing
  • Can be removed when necessary

Driving a compact vehicle has its benefits, but cargo space isn't one of them. Backseats are tight and trunk space is limited, leaving you with little opportunity to store extra stuff when you really need to. With the Surco Removeable Deck Rack, you can extend your cargo space to the top of your trunk, and forget you ever wished for a larger ride!

This rack can make or break your next road trip or airport visit. Made of toughened stainless steel, your rack is cushioned with soft bottoming to prevent scuffs and scratches on your precious paint job. Layered in a strong, electropolished coat, it's designed to endure years of use. It's also made for a vehicle-specific fit, making installation a breeze. (Plus, it already comes pre-assembled!) Just clamp the rack to your trunk lid, and you'll immediately maximize your cargo capacity. 

Don't let your smaller vehicle limit your cargo-carrying potential! Mount and rack your next great adventure right above your trunk with the Surco Removable Deck Rack.