Timbren Suspension Enhancement System

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Product Details

  • Reduce sag and sway while smoothing out your ride with the Timbren Suspension Enhancement
  • Keeps your trailer steady and upright while hauling weighty off-balanced cargo
  • Minimize maintenance with durable Aeon rubber assembly
  • Comes with powder-coated steel brackets
  • Made to fit your exact vehicle
  • Easy installation
  • Supported by a Lifetime Warranty

Your truck, van or SUV may be able to handle the tougher loads, but not without a cost. When you lack the proper suspension to steady your trailer from uneven weight distribution and motion, you'll likely fishtail on the road and put your cargo (and others) at risk. With the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System, you can properly stabilize the hefty lifts while smoothing out the ride.

Constructed with durable Aeon rubber, the Timbren System will maximize your vehicle's payload without compromising safety. Reduce unnecessary sway and sag with a suspension system that's designed to provide resistance and improve the spring rate for a safer journey. With the Suspension Enhancement System, you'll see great differences in the leveling of your ride, no matter how uneven the load might be. Made to fit your exact make and model, quickly install your Timbren System with the included black powder-coated steel brackets, and let the magic work without any additional maintenance.

Get ready to lug, tug and a whole lot more with your new Timbren System that's made to go the distance. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System with a Lifetime Warranty.

Timbren Suspension Enhancement System Customer Reviews


Overall Rating:

5.0 of 5

Average Install Time:

Under 30 minutes
who drives a Toyota T100

Installed them a couple weeks ago on my Toyota T100. Installation was simple. No change in ride quality while unloaded. Once the bed is half filled with green firewood, the springs make contact with the axle. The ride while loaded feels more firm and less spongey than before. Timbrens get a thumbs up from me.

Install Time: Under 30 minutes