Trimax Wheel Chock Lock TCL75

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  • The Trimax Wheel Chock Lock is a great way to keep your trailer stationary and secure from theft
  • Locking the wheel in place keeps it from turning or moving
  • Choose from two sizes: one for normal trailers and a larger size for horse trailers and construction trailers
  • Pinches the wheel in a locked position and enfolds the tire
  • Easy to set up
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

While it's not a fun thing to consider, you should also stop to think: making off with a trailer is not that difficult to do. It's also a good idea to keep your trailer stationary for safety purposes. Luckily, outfitting your towing system with a sturdy wheel chock lock like the Trimax Wheel Chock Lock is an easy and efficient solution.

Your uniquely designed Trimax Wheel Chock Lock operates by locking your trailer wheels, just like a garage chock, making your trailer nearly impossible to move. The pinching actuation locks to your wheel's rim and encloses around the tire before locking in place. This lock is almost impossible to break and comes in two sizes to fit both standard and heavy-duty trailers. It is great for areas with a lot of traffic where a trailer or camper is often left unattended.

Make it safe to leave your trailer in one place and discourage would-be thieves from making off with your trailers and campers. Shop NAPA for your Trimax Wheel Chock Lock so you can lock the wheels in place and keep your good times from rolling away with someone else. Your purchase is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.