Tuff Country Leaf Springs

3662 MC
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Product Details

  • Get the smooth performance you need, built to last a lifetime, with Tuff Country Leaf Springs
  • Tuff Country EZ-Ride Leaf Springs are specifically crafted for standard pickups; Heavy Duty Leaf Springs are engineered to support heavy-duty tow trucks with winches
  • Aftermarket lift springs are preset, tapered and snub-rolled to deliver a positive arch
  • Enjoy an even, fluid performance without distracting squeals thanks to Teflon inserts
  • Fewer, denser leafs generate a seamless operation compared to EO springs
  • Lift your truck up to 4 inches (depending on make and model)
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Gain the height you need from Tuff Country Leaf Springs, while also improving the riding performance that will last a lifetime. Preset, tapered, snub-rolled engineering delivers positive-arch leaf springs that elevate the whole experience. NAPA is proud to offer the Tuff Country Leaf Springs with a Lifetime Warranty.

Go with the EZ-Ride Leaf Springs for your lightweight pickup to create a fluid drive. Upgrade to the Heavy Duty Leaf Springs for the additional tension when winching or towing. Tuff Country Leaf Springs incorporate dense steel with each leaf, so fewer leafs are required. Tuff Coutry’s testing has proven these adaption results in superior comfort. In addition, the Teflon inserts dampen screeching for a quiet journey.