Tuff Country Steering Stabilizer

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Product Details

  • Strengthen your vehicle's ability to handle and steer safely when you use the Tuff Country Steering Stabilizer
  • Each dual steering stabilizer is recommended for use alongside 35-inch or larger tires
  • The single steering stabilizer is recommended for use with 33-inch or smaller tires
  • Choose from the single or double stabilizer design
  • State-of-the-art system lessens steering shimmy
  • Protects against dust and debris

With the Tuff Country Steering Stabilizer, you can tighten up your truck's handling and use the single steering stabilizers to your benefit, which are recommended for use with 33-inch or smaller tires. The dual steering stabilizers are best for 35 inches and larger tires, and every unit works towards reducing steering shimmy. Tuff Country Shock Boots are available for dust protection and customized looks to suit your style.

You need tight, forceful steering when driving off-road and employing massive, oversized tires. For the best handling and feel with less steering jiggle, add the Tuff Steering Stabilizer to your vehicle and enjoy the single or dual-designed Tuff Country steering stabilizer. You'll love the snug OEM fit, which provides better, safer steering overall.

For a simple installation, the single stabilizer bolts to the existing hardware. All the mounts and hardware for the Tuff Country Dual Steering Stabilizers are included, and the system is guaranteed to give your steering stabilizers a personalized look with added rust and debris protection. NAPA proudly sells the Tuff Country Steering Stabilizer.