Tuff Country U-Bolts

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Product Details

  • Purchase some Tuff Country U-Bolts Extra-Long for lifted automobiles to go with your lift system
  • Zinc plated is resistant to corrosion
  • Comes in sets of 4
  • Hardware (nuts and washers) included
  • Produced in the USA

When you drive a lifted rig, you know that most regular-sized parts and hardware designed for smaller vehicles aren't going to cut it. Install the u-bolts that truck lift enthusiasts prefer: Tuff Country U-Bolts. You'll get peace of mind knowing your robust u-bolts are designed specifically for lifted rigs.

Your Tuff Country U-Bolts have an extended length to meet all of your lifting requirements and are zinc coated to fend off rust and corrosion. All required nuts and washers are supplied in sets of 4. Tuff Country U-Bolts are proudly produced in the United States.