VDP Jeep Sound Bars

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Product Details

  • Feel the vibrations of all your favorite hits with the VDP Sound Bar
  • Your choice between a high-powered double speaker bar or 6 speaker system with intense audio integrity
  • Texturized plastic and fabric varieties available in Black, Gray, Spice or Denim
  • Strong plastic material made to endure tough conditions
  • Supported with a 1-Year Warranty

No more settling for scratchy, subpar audio quality. We do more than just drive our cars these days. We ride with purpose. Don't just listen; feel your music sing with you as you explore the open road. With Vertically Driven Products' Jeep Sound Bars, you can blare your playlists without compromising audio quality. So roll those windows down and put on your soundtrack to life.

You can even choose from two options: a 2-speaker set-up paired with two 300-Watt, 2-way 6-inch coaxial speakers or a 200-Watt set-up with six speakers, two 6-inch woofers and speakers, and two 1-inch tweeters for a killer audio boost. Need we say more? Audio is only half the prize when you snag yourself the VDP Jeep Sound Bar. The grooved plastic molding from the Black, Gray or Spice options complement any Jeep interior.

If you opt for a fabric-covered version, your bar will be wrapped in your choice of Denim, Gray or Spice. Constructed with robust plastic material made to endure friction, your soundbar will thrive even in uncharted terrain. After all, that's where the magic happens. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer VDP Jeep Sound Bars with a 1-Year Warranty.