Viair 280C Compressor Kit 28021

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  • Max out your potential using the Viair 200 Series Compressor Kit which offers a high-performance onboard air supply that will benefit your tools and tires
  • Developed to function as an interface with a reserve air tank that has a pressure switch that cannot be adjusted below 150 psi
  • Choose between 2 models, up to a 30 percent duty cycle at 100 pounds per square inch (150 PSI max)
  • A direct drive motor does not need any oil or gears and may be installed in any orientation
  • Resistant to dust and moisture, with PTFE piston rings and stainless Steel valves
  • Protector against thermal overload included as well as an in-line check valve
  • Manufactured using an Anodized Aluminum cylinder
  • Fills tires up to 33 inches by 12.5 inches
  • Protected with a 1-Year Warranty

If you have a Viair 200 Series Air Compressor Kit on board, you will be prepared for everything that comes your way. With the Viair 200 Series, performing chores like powering air tools, filling tires, inflating inner tubes and even raising your air suspension is very easy. The 200 Series can pump up to 150 PSI into your inflatables and has a duty cycle of up to 30 percent.

The Viair 200 Series of Air Compressors are built to last for a long time. All of its components, including its stainless Steel valves, anodized Aluminum cylinders and PTFE piston rings, are designed to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the system. Since the gear-free direct drive motor does not need oil for operation, it may be installed on your vehicle in whatever configuration you want. And perhaps most crucially, your compressor's built-in thermal overload protection will automatically reset itself whenever it senses temperatures that are too high for normal operation.

You can purchase either the Viair 275C Compressor, which has a duty cycle of 25%, or the 280C compressor, which has a duty cycle of 30%. All versions come with all of the necessary mounting hardware for a quick and simple installation. NAPA proudly sells Viair 200 Series Air Compressor Kit protected with a 1-Year Warranty.