Viair Onboard Air System

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Product Details

  • Equip your ride with the VIAIR Onboard Air System, one of the most versatile, advanced onboard air systems on the market 
  • Compressor, tank, hoses, connectors, wiring, and mounting hardware included
  • Choose from 8 different power levels, ranging from Ultra Light to Extreme Duty
  • Convenient air supply for inflating tires, air suspension, air tools, inflatable toys and much more
  • Light drilling may be required for proper installation
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty

With a VIAIR Onboard Air System, you're never too far from an air source. Onboard Air Systems or OBAS are pneumatic systems that give you the advantage of a full-service air supply that's conveniently mounted directly in your vehicle. The VIAIR Onboard Air System includes a robust compressor, a sizable air tank, as well as all of the hoses, electrical components, and mounting hardware you'll need for installation.

Take your pick from 8 different performance classes, each crafted to meet your air supply demands and ensure that your tires, tools and toys are inflated and ready to go. Best of all, the adaptable design of your OBA means it can be mounted anywhere it fits, whether you want it close at hand or stowed and out of sight. VIAIR supports your purchase with a 1-Year Warranty.