Vision X Xmitter LED Light Bar

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Product Details

  • Showoff your vehicle with the same Vision X Xmitter LED Light Bar
  • Used by U.S. Homeland Security and NASA
  • Take your pick from a range of sizes such as 4-inches to 52-inches in length, and various color options like black, white, or chrome colored
  • Increased electrical output while simultaneously minimizing power utilization with ultrafunctional multi-volt electronics
  • Engineered in single stack or double stack arrangements, displaying European beam or flood beam designs
  • Polycarbonate lens sits inside an extruded 6061 aluminum casing
  • Experience the seamless beam design, a patented optics experience
  • Easily use the included harness and weather-resistant connector
  • Submerged durable rubber mount for oscillation control
  • Sporting an impressive 50,000-hour life
  • Protected by a Lifetime Warranty

Are you ready to brag about using the same light bar that the U.S. Homeland Security and NASA use? Dress up your vehicle using up to 52 inches of double-stacked visibility with the Vision X Xmitter LED Light Bar. Take advantage of the dazzling radiance that lights your path using a multiple-volt electronic system, manufactured with improved efficiency in mind.

This LED Light Bar sports state-of-the-art electrical outputs, maximizing brightness and decreasing power use. The sleek design is also patented and utilizes extruded 6061 aluminum with polycarbonate lenses. The isolated rubber keeps violent vibrations at bay, so feel free to go off-roading around the country. Available in many sizes and colors, including single-stack or double-stack systems. Deck your prized vehicle out with either European beams or a flood beam. Several color options mean a style for every vehicle outfit, plus the satisfying perk of optimal functionality for every scenario, given its expert design.

Guarantee your adventures shine bright with top-notch optical purity, touting an impressive 50,000-hour lifecycle. NAPA is proud to sell the Anzo Slimline Off Road Lights protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.