WeatherTech Pet Barrier

3776 M Univ.
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Product Details

  • With a WeatherTech Pet Barrier, you can keep your pet secure in the rear of your vehicle
  • Heavy grade steel tubes won't shatter or bend
  • Adjusts easily in all directions to match the interior of your vehicle
  • Vertical adjustment from 30" to 42" (separate extension can reach 51")
  • Width adjustment from 39" to 66"
  • Rubberized outer layer minimizes rattling and protects your interior from scratching or damage
  • Simple to set up and requires no drilling or cutting
  • Works for dogs and larger pets 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty included

Having your fluffy buddies along for the adventure makes any trip worth taking, and our best friends always enjoy the ride as much as we do. That often results in a lot of bouncing, barking, wagging and panting. And any driver knows those distractions can be dangerous. For safer, less stressful travel, keep your pets safely and comfortably at bay in the rear of your vehicle with the WeatherTech Pet Barrier.

Your pet barrier can be adjusted to fit any vehicle and even the largest pets, keeping them comfortably and securely out of the way. The WeatherTech Pet Barrier has a height adjustment of 30 to 42 inches and a width adjustment of 39 to 66 inches. For the largest SUVs, add the optional Pet Barrier Extension for an extra 9 inches of height. The WeatherTech Dog Barrier is crafted using durable steel tubes that can withstand even the most intense, excited zoomies. The steel tubes have been coated with a rubberized material that protects your vehicle's interior and minimizes rattling.

It's simple to set up and you won't need to drill or cut anything. Now you can keep even the biggest of dogs safe and secure with the WeatherTech Pet Barrier, no matter how excited they are for adventure! A Limited Lifetime Warranty is included.