Whiteline Control Arm Brace

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Product Details

  • Generate a tight suspension and upgrade your control behind the wheel with Whiteline Control Arm Brace
  • Take on those turns like a champ thanks to reliable alignment angles and limited flexing
  • Fabricated from gold-anodized aluminum for a flashy style and strong composition
  • Your chassis stays in line due to the four-point mounting application
  • Customized for your exact vehicle; installation completed just with hand tools
  • Comes with a 3-Year Warranty

You deserve a ride free of dips and pops. Upgrade your factory-installed suspension with the Whiteline Control Arm Brace to give your sweet ride even more style and flow without unwanted bumping and bouncing.

This aftermarket Control Arm Brace is constructed from gold-anodized aluminum for superior force and a high-end look. Your alignment has never been straighter due to the four-point mounting fabrication. Corner like a professional thanks to the no-flex chassis, which holds your alignment angles and spring rates firm.

The Whiteline Control Arm Brace is customized to your exact vehicle, for a seamless application. Only standard hand tools are required for this quick DIY install. NAPA is proud to offer this Whiteline product with a 3-Year Warranty.