Whiteline Sway Bar

5862 CM
  • Our Price: $248.85 - $491.92
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Product Details

  • Maximize the powerful capability of your vehicle suspension with Whiteline Sway Bar
  • Upgrades handling and responsiveness and minimizes body roll and understeer
  • Features up to 4 customization points so you can adjust your suspension requirements to different driving circumstances
  • Crafted using premium powder-coated steel
  • Includes a complete DIY kit with polyurethane mounting bushings
  • Enjoy extended tire life
  • A 3-Year Warranty is included

Everyone drives differently, and nothing can have more of an impact on how your vehicle handles than your level of roll. With a Whiteline Sway Bar, you have the power to customize your ride experience based on your driving style or environment. You'll improve your cornering while extending the life of your tires by decreasing body roll, fine-tuning your handling, and improving your traction on the road.

Your Whiteline Sway Bar is adjustable with up to 4 adjustment points. Unlike the factory-installed sway bar, so you can choose the level of sway control that's best for you. You should be in control of how well the suspension works on the ride you love to drive! These stabilizer bars will do the trick whether you want to make your ride firmer or softer (or even switch back and forth).

Whiteline Anti-Sway Bars, which are tailored to fit your make and model vehicle, give you the highest level of adjustability without sacrificing the security of your car, truck or SUV. Additionally, the simple bolt-on construction makes this stabilizer install-ready right out of the box. This do-it-yourself kit includes high-performance polyurethane mounting bushings. A 3 Year Warranty comes with your new anti-sway bar.