Whiteline Sway Bar Endlinks

5864 M
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Product Details

  • Whiteline Sway Bar Endlinks are an ideal choice for a smooth ride with motorsport and high-performance street use
  • The complete DIY kit includes all necessary bolts, as well as dust caps for ease of maintenance
  • Constructed from steel, aluminum and polyurethane
  • These endlinks offer superior performance without the use of rubber components
  • Backed by a 3-Year Warranty to ensure quality assurance

If you're looking for a way to make your ride experience smoother than ever, the Whiteline Control Arm Brace is the perfect solution. Constructed from gold-anodized aluminum for maximum strength and an unbeatable look, this custom-crafted brace is designed to fit exactly your make and model for a precise fit. Not only does it provide superior strength and durability, but the brace also fights off chassis flex, ensuring that spring rates and alignment angles are preserved for improved cornering ability.

Installation of this product is quick and easy, requiring nothing more than simple hand tools - no complicated setup is needed! The Whiteline Control Arm Brace offers so much more than just strength and durability. It also adds an aesthetic touch as well. Whether you're looking for better cornering ability or just want an upgraded look on your car, this product has something to offer everyone. Don't settle for inferior ride quality when you could be driving with the best with the Whiteline Control Arm Brace! 

For extra peace of mind, your purchase of a Whiteline Control Arm Brace includes a 3-Year Warranty.