Willpak Rear Window Louvers

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  • Our Price: $105.60 - $581.94
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  • Give your sports coupe or luxury sedan more attitude and magnitude with the Willpak Rear Window Louvers
  • Block excessive heat and damaging rays without diminishing the visibility through your back window
  • Finish options include Matte Black Aluminum, Textured Black ABS or Smooth Black ABS
  • Custom engineered for a cohesive look on your classic or contemporary ride
  • Comes with a 36-Month Limited Warranty

Whether you want to cover up or show off, this custom-molded accessory can deliver on both counts. Perfect for Firebird, Mustang, Dodge Challenger and even PT Cruiser lovers, Willpak Rear Window Louvers are a great addition to any ride. The angled fins are engineered to act as a barrier against UV radiation, keeping it from fading your priceless interior. Plus, blocking all those rays also keeps your cabin temperature at a much cooler level.

Choose from three finishes: Matte Black Aluminum, Textured Black ABS or Smooth Black ABS. Although any of the three treatments can be painted, the Smooth Black ABS louver must be painted, so plan on getting it sprayed prior to installation. While the aggressively angled design adds privacy and blocks out heat, it won't alter your rear visibility from the driver's seat.

Based on your make and model, your louvers can be installed easily with the provided 3M double-sided tape or stainless-steel hardware. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Willpak Rear Window Louvers with a 36-Month Limited Warranty.