XK Glow Accent Vehicle Light Kit KS-CAR-PRO

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  • Our Price: $369.99
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  • Part Number: KS-CAR-PRO
  • UPC: 856432006048
  • Style: Interior + Under Glow + Wheel Kit
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  • Keep your interior and exterior custom illumination at your fingertips with XK Glow Accent Vehicle Light Kit
  • Choose from the vast rainbow of 16 million different color options
  • Bluetooth capability for smartphones
  • Your music, movement, and acceleration sync with your lighting
  • Turn signal option is also available
  • Comes with a 3-Year Warranty

A little colorful illumination can transform your vehicle from a mundane meh-mobile to a jaw-dropping, breathtaking, eye-catching mean machine. But it can be pure agony when it's time to choose the perfect hue of brilliant light to match or complement your vehicle, or your mood. Well now, you don't have to choose when you install the XK Glow Accent Vehicle Light Kit.

Your XK Glow Accent Vehicle Light Kit lets you harness the power of light and color thanks to the 16 million possible colors available. Not sure how to get just the right shade of light? No problem! Now you can use the camera on your phone to take a picture of a color and your Accent Vehicle Light Kit from XK Glow will transfer the color from the image and adjust the color of your accent lighting or underlighting. Connect your lighting system to your sound system and watch the illumination sync seamlessly with your music. Download the app and use the Bluetooth capability of your smartphone to program your lights to adjust their color as you accelerate your vehicle.

Choose from the wide range of configurations available and add interior lights, exterior lights, or both. This setup includes a bespoke theme builder, 15 pre-loaded seasonal themes, and premium RGB LEDs. There is also the option of additional turn signal functionality. A 3-year Warranty is included.