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Power Steering Repair & Diagnostic Service

Nearly all family vans, commuter sedans and personalized pickups on the road today use power steering. Vehicles with assisted power steering require less physical strength to effortlessly turn a corner or maneuver a parking lot. This control is made much easier thanks to a series of belts, pumps and hydraulic fluid. A failing power steering system can instantly become a life-or-death safety concern. Take back control with power steering repair from NAPA Auto Care.

Steering Diagnostics

According to the NAPA experts, power steering fluid needs flushed every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. A flush will solve your power steering issue if the hydraulic fluid is contaminated. However, there is possibly also an underlying problem, like a lack of pressure from a worn-out pump or leaky hose. For a thorough inspection and diagnosis, schedule an appointment your local NAPA Auto Care Center nationwide.

Symptoms of Power Steering Failure

Air trapped inside a power steering fluid line can cause contamination, oxidation and destructive bubbles. Trapped air in a power steering line also means you have a critical leak or a failing power steering pump. According to the NAPA experts, a modern vehicle should reach 100,000 miles before needing a replacement power steering pump.

Signs of a Bad Power Steering System:

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) light illuminated on the dash
  • Contaminated power steering fluid
  • Stiff or slow-to-respond steering wheel
  • Whining or squeaky noises when turning the steering wheel
  • Groaning from the power steering motor under the hood

A squeal from under the hood could mean you have a loose drive belt or a damaged power steering pulley, which can instantly shut down power steering operations. A failing power steering pulley can cause noticeable vibrations through the steering wheel. But, keep in mind, there are many potential causes of a shaky steering wheel, including unbalanced or misaligned wheels, bad bearings on the wheel hubs, suspension breakdown or even worn-out brakes.

What to Expect From Power Steering Repair by NAPA

Searching online for “power steering repair shop near me?” Stop by one of the 17,000+ NAPA Auto Care centers nationwide, and let us put you safely back behind the driver’s seat. After any inspection, the NAPA technician will thoroughly explain your vehicle’s condition. This includes documenting what problems are urgent and what repairs you can delay. If the damaged part no longer performs as designed, the repair is considered necessary.

A typical power steering service at NAPA Auto Care includes checking for leaks. This service includes a check of power steering hoses, fittings, gear boxes and pressure switches. If a new power steering pump is installed, the contaminated fluid is flushed and replaced. Then, the NAPA technician will inspect your power steering belt for wear and proper tension, as well as the condition of the rack and pinon system for any damage the failure caused.

Beyond the typical power steering line repair and power steering pump repair, NAPA Auto Care also offers steering column repair and steering wheel repair. Steering and suspension service can include wheel alignment anytime there is a need for shock and strut repair or front/rear suspension repair.

Our ASE-certified technicians perform industry-leading diagnostic and repair services by installing superior NAPA parts and components. Check out the free nationwide NAPA Auto Care 24-Month/24,000-Mile Peace of Mind Warranty, which covers parts and labor on qualifying repairs and services across The NAPA Network.