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Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

When was the last time your serpentine belt was replaced? You may have forgotten, but the experts at your local NAPA Auto Care can help you determine if that time has come. Decades ago, it was common to have two or even three belts whirring along under the hood to power all the engine accessories. But now, thanks to compact engine designs, only a single accessory drive belt is necessary. Of course, that one belt now has a lot riding on it.


A snapped or shredded serpentine belt won’t stop an engine immediately, but its effects are immediate. Power steering, engine cooling, air conditioning and the alternator can’t function without a serpentine belt to turn their pulleys. But you can prevent that from happening with a routine maintenance schedule. Just visit the ASE-certified technicians at your local NAPA Auto Care center. They will examine and help you decide if a serpentine belt replacement is necessary.


Serpentine belt replacement is a routine maintenance job that your local NAPA Auto Care can handle with no problem. Our trained experts can replace serpentine belts and check other related systems under the hood so you are confident on the road. Some signs of impending serpentine belt repair include:

  • Cracking, chunking, peeling or fraying
  • Squealing noise
  • Worn down ribs
  • High mileage on vehicle
  • Erratic electrical gremlins (dimming lights, check engine light illuminating, low voltage warnings)

Advances in material technology have produced serpentine belts that deliver amazing longevity without showing traditional signs of wear. In the past, serpentine belts would crack and even shed chunks of material when they were due for replacement. Cracking is less of a problem with EPDM belts, but the ribs themselves actually wear down like a tire. The belt may look great, but worn-out ribs will no longer grip the pulleys effectively.


Access to the serpentine belt is what determines the labor cost. Some engines have an easy to release serpentine belt tensioner that can simply retract, releasing the serpentine belt and allowing to fit a new one. Others may use an engine accessory, such as the alternator as the tensioner, requiring access to a certain bolt to change the serpentine belt. The cooling fan may also need removed to reach the belt. Then there is the matter of how the engine is oriented in the engine compartment.

All of these factors affect serpentine belt replacement cost. When it comes time for a serpentine belt service, the bulk of the cost is labor. A serpentine belt itself can range from $20 to $100 for advanced applications. To help demystify serpentine belt replacement cost, NAPA offers the Auto Care Repair Estimator. Simply input your year, make, model and zip code to get access to a huge variety of potential auto repair services and their estimated costs tailored to your vehicle.

When the time comes for serpentine belt replacement, you can trust the ASE-certified technicians at your local NAPA Auto Care. And NAPA stands behind its work with a free 24-Month/24,000-Mile Peace of Mind Warranty. with nationwide coverage at more than 17,000+ locations.