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Shock, Strut & Axle Repair Service

Automotive shocks and struts are critical components of any suspension system, which affect how your vehicle accelerates, brakes and turns. Typically, a set of springs absorbs the bounce from bumps in the road and a set of struts supports the coil springs, or a set of shocks (also called shock absorbers) limits the bounce dispersed by suspension springs. To investigate whether your vehicle uses shocks, struts or a couple of both, review "Does My Vehicle Have Shocks or Struts?"

Shock Strut Axle Repairs

Your vehicle might need shock and strut repair if the comfort of your ride or the control of your vehicle’s handling has diminished. Routine strut repair or shock absorber repair is common when the parts have worn down from years of use. The NAPA experts recommend shock and strut inspection around 50,000 to 60,000 miles to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Shocks and struts repair isn’t the only maintenance a vehicle’s suspension needs. Car axle repair, including front axle repair and rear axle repair, is also a common automotive service. These steering and suspension components can get damaged from driving over debris, road hazards, curbs and potholes. NAPA Auto Care centers also provide CV axle repair. The CV boot keeps grease in and contaminants out of the CV joint. A CV joint can get damaged as a result of losing grease due to a damaged boot, which drastically reduces its lifespan.

Signs You Need Shock & Strut Replacement

Is your vehicle pulling you to one side or another when in motion? Is the tread on your tires wearing down too quickly or have your tires developed random bold spots? It is possibly time to make an appointment with a shocks and struts repair shop, like NAPA Auto Care.

Symptoms of Suspension Problems:

  • Vehicle handling is stiff or slow to respond
  • Steering feels loose and unstable at high speeds
  • Excessive bouncing when going over a bump or dip
  • Nose of vehicle plunges down when coming to a stop
  • Leaning and swaying when turning a corner or changing lanes
  • Fluid leakage from physically damaged shocks, struts, bushings or mounts

A failing U-joint can cause vibrations throughout a vehicle, which are potentially worse when accelerating. If you notice strange noises when steering, like a clicking sound when you make a turn, it is time to search “axle repair shops near me.”

What to Expect From NAPA Shock & Strut Service

Driving with failing struts or shocks creates even more damage to other areas of the suspension and chassis due to the wider range of motion. Instead of looking online for “shock repair near me” or “strut repair near me,” schedule an appointment at one of the 17,000+ NAPA Auto Care centers. Our ASE-certified technicians perform industry-leading diagnostic and repair services by installing superior NAPA parts and components. Also, before you visit, take advantage of the easy-to-visit NAPA Auto Care Repair Estimator to get a quote on servicing your specific vehicle.

After the evaluation, your NAPA technician should provide a list of steering and suspension repair recommendations with price estimates. This list could include drivetrain repair, which consists of components like the axle shaft, CV axle, CV boot, CV joint, U-joint, ball joints or the drive axle assembly. Your vehicle could also need chassis repair. This can include replacing the sway bar, torsion bar, differential or driveshaft.

After getting a shock or strut repair, your vehicle should ride smoother and with better control and stability. Check out the free nationwide NAPA Auto Care 24-Month/24,000-Mile Peace of Mind Warranty, which covers parts and labor on qualifying repairs and services across The NAPA Network.