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Windshield & Auto Glass Repair

Windshield repair is challenging because shatterproof, tempered or laminated automotive glass is incredibly unique. A windshield must curve to the structure of the vehicle’s frame and get accurately installed to provide protection during a crash. For expert glass windshield repair, schedule an appointment at your nearest NAPA Auto Care center.

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  • Is the lack of visibility from your scratched and chipped windshield becoming a safety concern? An older deteriorated windshield with several small chips can impair your view or is even possibly illegal to operate.
  • Is there a large chip in your line of sight? Chipped glass can contract and expand as sunlight or freezing temperatures hit the exterior of a windshield. A chip can expand into a long crack that heavily impacts the integrity of your glass.
  • Is the windshield crack larger than the size of a dollar bill? DIY glass repair kits are only designed to ‘fix’ minor damage. To prevent a crack from becoming a safety hazard, it is important to get professional windshield glass replacement.
  • Is there a hole in the windshield or a large spiderweb of cracks? Replacement is critical to prevent glass shattering into flying shards when hit by a stone or stick while driving.

You need a front windshield that is strong enough to withstand sharp flying debris kicked up from the road, but also sleek and smooth so that mechanical wipers can easily clean it and deliver a clear line of sight. That is why auto glass repair or cracked windshield repair is a common vehicle maintenance investment.

Windshield Repair & Replacement at NAPA Auto Care

Whether you navigate a city on a daily commute or love the thrill of off-roading adventures, chances are the glass on your luxury SUV, prized pickup, trusty sedan or family minivan will have damage from road debris. From windshield chip or scratch repair to windshield leak repair, the experts at NAPA Auto Care can help evaluate the level of service your exact vehicle needs.

Glass repair for cars is often handled by a mobile glass shop. Specialized technicians are necessary to install a new replacement windshield and recalibrate the many Advanced Driver Assistant Sensors Advanced Driver Assistant Sensors (ADAS), like a Lane Departure Warning System, mounted around and sometimes attached to the windshield.

How Much Does Windshield & Auto Glass Repair Cost?

More often than not, car window glass repair requires a full front windshield, rear windshield or side window replacement. Auto glass repair can range from $100 to $1,000, depending on the size of your windshield or window and the complexity of the windshield repair services needed.

Are you searching for a windshield repair shop? Count on your local NAPA Auto Care for a quality inspection that breaks down the repair and provides an instant estimate for the cost of parts and labor for your service. Keep in mind, you might want to buy a new pair of windshield wiper blades to have installed at the same appointment.