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Windshield Wiper Replacement Service

Avoid getting caught in the rain without clean, pristine windshield wiper blades, a working windshield wiper motor and switch plus properly functioning windshield arms. Without these vital vehicle components, driving through rain, sleet, snow and flying debris is dangerous.

Do you hear scratching sounds, see peeling windshield wiper blades with rubber hanging off, notice skipping wipers or realize that your windshield is not getting properly cleared during a rain? Does your windshield retain dirt, even after running your wiper blades with windshield wiper fluid? In that case, it is time to seek NAPA Auto Care’s windshield wiper replacement services before the next storm or seasonal weather change.

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The NAPA experts recommend a windshield wiper blade replacement or windshield wiper arm repair every 6–12 months unless needed sooner. Common symptoms of a failing windshield wiper motor include wiper arms that stop in the middle of the windshield when turned off and wipers that operate intermittently or not at all. The windshield wiper motor, switch, wiper arm and wiper blade all work together to keep your windshield clear of hazardous debris.

Maximizing the life of your windshield wiper system includes keeping wiper blades clean with rubbing alcohol, only operating your wipers on a wet surface (using windshield wiper fluid when necessary), clearing your windshield of heavy snow, sticks or leaves before turning your wipers on and preventing your wiper arms from freezing to your glass by lifting them away from your windshield when the weather forecast calls for special attention.


Naming conventions aside, if you have a button-operated panel on the roof of your vehicle that slides open and closed, it uses an intricate system of parts. This includes a regulator assembly and a motor. These parts may show signs of problems before they stop working completely. You’ll know there are issues if:

  • During windshield wiper replacement service, our ASE-certified technicians inspect, lubricate and torque all of the components of the wiper linkage. Techs may also find it necessary to adjust the wiper arms and replace the wiper blades.
  • NAPA Auto Care technicians check everything, including the wiper control switch, wiper control unit, wiring and broken linkage components, which can all behave like a failed wiper motor. Failure to properly inspect these items during a diagnosis may lead to the unnecessary replacement of the wiper motor.
  • Note that improper wiper arm replacement can result in scratches to the windshield. Also, allowing the wiper arm to fall and hit the windshield can result in a cracked windshield. That’s exactly why special care is taken by NAPA Auto Care when replacing the wiper arm.

How Much Does Windshield Wiper Replacement Near Me Cost?

After any wiper inspection, your NAPA technician should thoroughly explain your vehicle's windshield wiper condition. This includes documenting what problems are urgent and what repairs you can delay. If the damaged part no longer performs as designed, the repair is considered necessary.

At NAPA, we know a little knowledge goes a long way, and that is why vehicle owners must know how much it costs to replace a windshield wiper arm, blade, motor or switch. You can rely on the easy-to-use NAPA Auto Care Repair Estimator. This competitive pricing tool provides instant cost estimates for common repairs based on the exact year, make and model of your vehicle.

For example, a window switch replacement can cost anywhere from $200 to more than $700, depending on your vehicle’s year, make and model. A window wiper arm replacement will cost anywhere from $60 to a little more than $100.

Take your vehicle to one of the 17,000+ NAPA Auto Care centers nationwide for reliable service. At NAPA Auto Care, we stand behind the repair work performed by our ASE-certified technicians. Our free 24-Month/24,000-Mile Peace of Mind Warranty is offered across the entire nationwide NAPA Network, which covers parts and labor on qualifying repairs and services.