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saab 9-3 Agricultural, Farm and Heavy Equipment Parts

Part Types

Work Hard From The Farm To The Yard

Wondering where to find parts for agricultural and farm equipment? Ag equipment brands like John Deere and Caterpillar use engines just like a car or truck. NAPA knows those engines will need service and maintenance, especially in the warmer planting months. NAPA AUTO PARTS stands apart, offering a unique array of heavy-duty farm hardware like tractor engine heating and cooling parts, transfer pumps, fittings, hydraulic equipment and front-end loader parts like bucket teeth.

NAPA AUTO PARTS also carries equipment for the smaller jobs like lawnmower, weed trimmer and chain saw parts. Besides new blades, mowers will need replacement mower deck spindles, belts, batteries, spark plugs, trimmer heads, bag frames and tires. For rebuilds, check out our selection of mower shear pins, chain sprockets, belts, hoses and throttle cables. Gas-powered edgers and trimmers keep the borders of your lawn looking clean and sharp. These lightweight tools feature 2- or 4- cylinder engines that drive a sickle-shaped blade at the end of a long pole. Larger edgers and trimmers are walk-behind models with wheels and an upright frame with handles like a lawnmower.

What's All The Buzz About Chain Saw Maintenance?

A quintessential tool for anyone working their wooded land is the chain saw. The small engine on a gas-powered chain saw is usually a one-cylinder motor that powers a bladed chain wrapped around an extended metal guide bar. Like a bicycle, this chain runs around sprockets or gears. Most chain saw engines contain a centrifugal clutch, so you can keep the motor engaged while disengaging the chain to safely keep it stationary. The inner driveshaft of the clutch is encased in an outer rim connected to the chain sprocket. These complex systems require upkeep, and luckily NAPA AUTO PARTS is your go-to for all the clutch parts, chains, teeth and tool sets for any chainsaw replacements or repairs.

Move The Big Stuff With Large Equipment

The biggest, toughest agricultural jobs require equally large and resilient equipment. Bucket loaders and lifters are tractors with wide, deep buckets mounted on the front for scooping and moving dirt, sand and other material. They use hydraulic cylinders or actuators powered by pressurized oil. These actuators attach to the lift arm to power it.

Frequently applied in engineering or construction environments, front-end loaders can have both single-action hydraulic cylinders (moves in a single direction) or double-action hydraulic cylinders (moves horizontally or vertically). NAPA AUTO PARTS offers hydraulic parts for a variety of agricultural supply equipment:

      • Cylinders
      • Pump sleeves
      • Spreader valves
      • Crossover valve kits

NAPA AUTO PARTS' full range of fleet, farm and agricultural supply items will keep your small and large machinery going year-round. Stop by a NAPA AUTO PARTS location near you to get started on all your projects from the farm to the front yard.