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saab 9-3 Automotive Tools and Equipment

Part Types

For Every Job, There Is a Tool

NAPA AUTO PARTS carries all the do-it-yourself tools to work under the hood, in the garage or around the house. Our online tools catalog has more than 18,000 products to help you get any job done, and get it done right.

Time for a brake replacement on your Honda Accord? After selecting the pads and rotors, you might want to consider a brake bleeding tool to flush old fluid or a brake fluid tester to check the brake lines for air and moisture. Jack stands are needed to keep your vehicle elevated while working on the wheel components, and a brake caliper tool set is required for caliper compression.

Pay Attention To Your Check Engine Light

When a warning light on your dashboard comes on, it means the car's OBDII (On Board Diagnostic) computer is alerting you that something needs attention. Diagnostic code readers plug in to the computer port of most vehicles (usually near the steering column), which allow you to read the maintenance code. So, if the Check Engine light is on in your Ford F150, order from our wide range of diagnostic tools:

      • Scan tools and accessories
      • Programmers and data loggers
      • Fuel and emissions testers
      • Air conditioning diagnostics
      • Leak detectors

Bigger jobs like engine repairs or body work require bigger tools. Shop NAPA AUTO PARTS for larger equipment:

      • Impact hammers and bits
      • Impact wrenches, ratchets and screwdrivers
      • Air compressors for paint work
      • Frame pullers for body work
      • Nail guns
      • Grease guns
      • Welders

For smaller jobs, stop by your local NAPA AUTO PARTS location for everyday power tools and hand tools:

      • Drills
      • Sanders
      • Saws
      • Files
      • Hammers
      • Screwdrivers

Stay Prepared With Safety And Emergency Equipment

NAPA AUTO PARTS knows that keeping your garage safe also means keeping it clean. As part of our Safety & Emergency Equipment inventory, we carry toolboxes and storage organizers for stowing tools and hardware. Take care of any spills with janitorial supplies like shop rags and absorbent clay.

Wearing safety equipment like gloves and glasses while working with hazardous chemicals or open flame can minimize risk of injury. We also carry a variety of respirators, gloves, face protection and eye protection to keep your workspace as safe as possible. Since accidents do happen, we also carry fire safety equipment, eyewash station supplies, first aid kits and emergency kits, just in case.

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