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Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint With NAPA

Whether your prized possession is a shiny black Ford Mustang or a pearl-white BMW, your ride must do more than just run smooth. Your dream vehicle should look smooth too. This type of high-end appearance might require turning your garage or carport into a personal paint shop-meant to tackle more than a quick touch-up of a door scratch or chipped bumper. But of course, NAPA AUTO PARTS also carries all the supplies you need for those quick paint jobs too!

The list of automotive paint supplies is extensive. Beyond the brushes, auto body paint and spray paint, you might also need etching primer, surfacing primer, body filler, hardeners and binders, as well as additives, clear coats and ceramic coating. To get the best use of these fluid and spray supplies, auto body tools like paint mixing equipment, electric agitators and paint masking dispensers will help fill out your customization station.

From high-powered sanders to liquid cleaners, auto body and paint projects come with lots of hazards. Always read the instructions before applying chemical compounds and removers like adhesive cleaning solvent. Park your car on a flat, level service, and ensure you are working in a well-ventilated area. Never start a paint job without the proper safety equipment, such as face shields, safety goggles, coverall suits and respirators with hoods and filters.

Get Down To The Bare Metal

No pressure, but auto paint and body work is a fine art. Having the right tools and supplies, including large items like air compressors, grinders, sanders and media blasters, makes a big difference in the quality of the finish. Additional components and equipment for auto paint projects include:

      • Tanks
      • Air dryers
      • Air blow guns
      • Air needle scaler
      • Spray guns
      • Couplers
      • Hoses
      • Fittings
      • Connectors
      • Air line valves and drains
      • Water eliminators

From dents to detailing, there are many layers to auto body restoration. To get the perfect paint job done right the first time, it's important to prepare the surface of your car or truck body. A dent repair and restoration cart should include many of the following hand tools:

      • Body panel crimpers
      • Hinge pin tools
      • Nibblers
      • Dent pullers and suction cups
      • Impact wrenches
      • Paint remover wire wheels
      • Conditioning discs
      • Buffers and polishers

Remember, Rust Ruins A Mint Condition

Unnoticed and untreated rust can spread over time, perforating the metal entirely, which requires panel replacement. It's important that all the metal you are restoring is clean and free from rust. Rust proofing involves using abrasives or chemical rust removers to target existing rust formation and stop it from spreading.

Now that your vehicle is back to prime condition, let's keep it that way. Your new paint job is not just about the beauty of a pristine look. A professional-level process, including undercoating spray and finishing wax, is added protection from deterioration.

NAPA Knows perfection is in the details, which is why we also offer car care items and finishing products for accessories, such as headlight lens restoration paste, windshield water repellent, metal conditioner, aluminum & stainless steel cleaner, applications for pinstripes, decals and graphics, as well as a truck bed liner coating spray kit.

Now that your ride is looking better than new, shop NAPA AUTO PARTS online for the latest accessories: spoilers, cargo racks, mud flaps and more.