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Car Battery Cables & Parts

Part Types

Shop Replacement Battery Cables and Battery Cable Parts

A battery is at the heart of every car, motorcycle or boat ride you will ever take. As soon as you turn the ignition, power leaps from the battery terminal to power your vehicle's electrical systems. The alternator then works in conjunction to supply continuous power for the vehicle's electrical components.

Keeping your automotive battery clean can extend the life of yours by years. Maybe you need a new negative battery terminal. Or maybe it's a positive battery cable. It's even possible you just need some battery terminal cleaner to fight corrosion.

If you have electrical issues, it's important to work step by step to clear it up. At NAPA AUTO PARTS, our extensive product selection means that you can find the finest products on the market that will work with your vehicle's setup.

Head to any NAPA AUTO PARTS location near you or shop at NAPA AUTO PARTS Online to fight electrical shorts, dead batteries and corrosion for your complete battery assembly no matter if you drive a Ford F-150, a Toyota Tacoma or a classic Jeep.

At NAPA AUTO PARTS we also carry batteries and battery parts for marine, lawn & garden and powersports applications.

Can I Replace or Upgrade My Car Battery Cables?

Car battery cables connect the battery to the ignition system, the lights, the computer and other electrical components. Upgrading to thicker American Wire Gauge, also called AWG battery cables, can lead to higher conduction efficiency.

Switching to a larger battery cable size is a simple procedure for anyone interested in doing some automotive work themselves, no need to hire a professional technician. Getting the correct replacement cables is easy with the wide variety of options in our stores.

Universal Cables

If you are working on a completely custom project, there may not be a set of current cables to match, so you are going to need a universal cable kit to get energy from your source of power to the ignition.

AWG gauge battery cable runs the gamut of light, small wiring to heavy-duty copper, so it's important to know that it will work with your car, truck, or suv battery setup before choosing custom battery cables.

Battery Charging

If your battery tends to discharge prematurely, we recommend picking up a battery tender quick disconnect system. These products attach to your battery's positive terminal and negative terminal to ensure that you are topped up before your next ride.

These are especially important for marine and motorcycle batteries that don't see regular use.

Battery Relocation

Relocating a battery depends on two things: the right amount of space and the correct size battery.

No matter your project, we have the right products that can relocate everything from heavy-duty batteries using an HD Universal battery relocation kit to small marine batteries that only need a new tray.

Cleaning Tools

A battery terminal cleaning tool is one of the easiest ways to care for your battery. It's standard practice at any auto shop to clean off corrosion from the battery terminals to prevent voltage drop and battery failure.

Battery Terminal Replacements

A bad ground cable connection or battery wire abrasion can severely affect amperage and electrical system performance.

Shop for compatible battery replacement parts for your car, truck, or SUV using our search by vehicle feature. Simply click here and select your vehicle, ex. '2013 Ford Mustang', '2001 Chevy Tahoe', or '2003 Toyota Camry'.

At NAPA AUTO PARTS, we know how important it is to have a solid connection, and we have a whole complement of innovative products to serve your needs, from battery terminal replacement cable ends to simple battery terminal end covers. NAPA AUTO PARTS has you covered.