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Automotive Air Conditioning & Heating Parts

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Follow A/C Diagnostics To Avoid Getting Overheated

Staying warm in the winter and cooling off in the summer is just as important on the road as in your home. Whether you drive a Chrysler Town & Country or Nissan Altima , picking the right air conditioning and heating replacement parts for your vehicle starts with diagnosing the HVAC issues. NAPA AUTO PARTS stocks what you need to improve the quality of your drive time and preserve the life of your vehicle-from radiators, radiator fans, water pumps, heat pumps, cooler lines, heater cores to add-on units, retrofit products and the right coolant antifreeze for your vehicle.

It is common for A/C systems to weaken over time-a lack of cool air (output of warm air) coming through the vents, even when the air conditioning unit is on full blast. If this is the case with your vehicle, then there's a good chance your A/C needs a recharge to maintain the proper pressure within the system. Before you purchase a refrigerant kit with NAPA AUTO PARTS , check that the refrigerant type matches what is recommended on the vehicle's under-hood decal or in your owner's manual, and consider injecting a UV dye to help locate any unidentified leaks. Any visible coolant leaking underneath the car is a concern.

If airflow is low, the fix might be as simple as changing the cabin air filter. Dust and pollen can choke a cabin filter in just a few months, impacting A/C performance. Low air flow in a car's air conditioning system could also be related to the vehicle's intake-where air enters the system. There are two intakes, one for fresh air located at the base of the windshield and one for re-circulated air that can be found in the passenger side footwell. If either of these intakes is obstructed, it can severely hamper the flow of air.

Sometimes an automotive air conditioning and heating system stops engaging entirely, with no air flow present at all. Cars pump cool or warm air through vents at the top of the console or out the bottom near the floor using a blend door. A stuck blend door, tucked back under the dashboard, could impede air flow to the passenger compartment. Any issues involving electrical components could be as simple as a blown fuse. Locate the appropriate fuse associated with the A/C system, and replace it if visibly blown. Electrical checks will also confirm the proper function of the clutch coil, pressure sensors and switches, compressor clutch fuse and relay.

Check The Condition Of Every A/C Component

A vehicle's A/C consists of a compressor, a condenser, an expansion device, an accumulator and an evaporator (or filter drier). At the center of a vehicle's air conditioning system is the air conditioning compressor, which circulates refrigerant oil through the A/C system to provide climate control. A dirty, damaged or loose drive belt may disrupt compressor operation and cooling performance, usually creating an alert like a dashboard warning light.

The compressor engages when the clutch is energized, so it is extremely important to check for proper voltage at the compressor clutch. The compressor pumps high pressure refrigerant and refrigerant oil through the condenser, receiver drier, expansion device and evaporator. As the refrigerant moves along this path, it changes from a gas to a liquid, and then back to a gas, and the cooled air is directed into the cabin. If this change of state is disrupted or restricted at any point in the system, poor operation of your automotive HVAC system will result.

NAPA AUTO PARTS is the go-to, one-stop-shop for all your air conditioning and heating replacement parts:

      • Air conditioning service and repair kits
      • A/C controls and modules
      • Heater cores and components
      • A/C refrigerant, additive and oil
      • A/C blower motors
      • Automotive interior fans, heaters and defrosters
      • A/C hoses and assemblies
      • A/C fittings
      • Gaskets and seals
      • Charging adapters and couplings
      • Door actuators and actuator motors

Automotive air conditioning and heating problems often require in-depth diagnostics, extensive disassembly and specialized tools. When in doubt, take your vehicle to a local NAPA AutoCare Center near you .