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Vehicle Drivetrain Parts and Components

Part Types

Build A Better Connection With Your Drivetrain

Before selecting the replacement parts for your vehicle's drivetrain, learn how this intricate system of components delivers power from your engine to the four wheels. The first major area is the driveshaft, which connects the engine to the axles that rotate the wheels. The driveshaft is paired with other car parts to either absorb vibrations or protect from wear, like the coupler, sleeve and dust shield. Another major component of the drivetrain is the differential, which allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds so the vehicle can navigate turns.

Although the drivetrain has major parts, the functioning of the system is made possible by the large number of small components, like various studs, gears and joints. Constant velocity joints or CV joints, also known as homokinetic joints, create a low-friction transmission of power from the driveshaft. This design is a great improvement on the original universal joint or U-joint. Note, the protective CV boot is often filled with grease for lubrication.

Get Into Gear With A New Clutch

The drive unit, or gearbox, allows for the adjustment of gears as the vehicle's speed changes. In a manual transmission, the response to changing power coming from the engine also involves the clutch, which allows for the changing of gears as it engages with the driveshaft. Friction clutches are the most common, especially in automatics. In this case, the friction between the flywheel on the engine and the clutch plate or clutch disc from the transmission creates the force that rotates the wheels and moves the car. The friction between two surfaces, often pressed together by a compression spring, ensures the driveshaft gradually accelerates and decelerates, making a smooth, safe transition that can be frequently engaged while the vehicle is moving.

The newest advancement in drivetrain design is the hydraulic drivetrain system, which uses a hydraulic transmission with a pressurized fluid power source. These hydraulic hybrid vehicles are gaining speed in the commercial space, such as delivery vehicles and buses. Discover even more about transmissions.

High performance vehicles need a lot more power. Power take-off or PTO assembly is used in vehicles and trucks with mechanics designed to push, pull or tilt, like snowplows, tow trucks and dump trucks. A PTO clutch and PTO driveshaft rotate the massive parts needed for these tough tasks. Other vehicles used for material handling might have additional components, like the drive sprocket, used to connect a toothed-wheel to caterpillar tracks. Roller chains, tougher than your typical belt, are another device used to transmit power in work vehicles.

Shop For Small Parts Of The Drivetrain

Although the precise components of the drivetrain vary according to the type of vehicle, NAPA AUTO PARTS offers all the parts you need to keep you moving forward-from replacing the transmission in your Toyota Camry to repairing the camshafts in your Volkswagen Jetta.

Small parts include the yoke, used to connect the driveshaft to other drivetrain components, often at the transfer case of the differential. Other items to consider adding to your shopping cart are drivetrain bearings and bushings, dust caps, spacers and plates.

Because the drivetrain transmits the engine's power through the driveshaft to rotate the axles, wheel components are also considered drivetrain parts and components that are easy to replace. This list includes the tires, hub caps, inner tubes, wheel bolts, discs, gaskets and seals.

Participating NAPA AUTO PARTS stores are now offering a Buy Online-Pick Up in Store option to better serve you. To take advantage, add the parts you need to your online shopping cart, pay online when you check out, and the store will notify you by email when the order is ready.