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Replacement Catalytic Converters & Parts

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What is a Catalytic Converter?

The 1970s was filled with many iconic symbols and movements. One of the most impactful efforts, which continues to define regulations and legislation to this day, involved the collective effort to reduce smog emissions and clean up the skies, specifically over Los Angeles. Now, fifty years later, the catalytic converter is found on nearly every operational vehicle on the road. Let's take some time to clear the air on the role of this innovative and highly valued automotive part.

A catalytic converter is a metal device designed to reduce harmful emissions and gases like hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and other air pollutants. The catalytic converter on a standard combustion engine vehicle converts toxic fumes into safe gases through a chemical reaction. Keep in mind, gas-electric hybrids, like the Toyota Prius, require a catalytic converter that is subject to emissions testing.

In its original design, the catalytic converter was placed in the exhaust system under the vehicle chassis near the muffler and before the exhaust pipe. This placement made the catalytic converter one of the last mechanical components to filter and reduce emissions before escaping the tailpipe. For most vehicles produced in the 2000s, the exhaust manifold (which funnels fumes from multiple engine cylinders into the exhaust system) is attached in the engine bay to the catalytic converter. This prime location allows the catalytic converter to heat up faster after starting the engine and work more efficiently.

It is important to know the signs of a bad catalytic converter. Are you experiencing sluggish acceleration, dark smoke expelling from your tailpipe or the smell of rotten eggs coming from underneath your vehicle? Excessive heat from your exhaust system might trigger your check engine light to illuminate and stay lit. If these symptoms are due to a failing catalytic converter that goes unaddressed, you are destined to fail your next smog emissions test, resulting in more headaches and a costly repair.

Where to Buy Catalytic Converters

NAPAOnline is your go-to shop when searching catalytic converters for sale. Check out the NAPA Universal Catalytic Converter replacement (not legal in California or Colorado), which features a stainless-steel body, an aluminized pipe and heat shields for durability. This standard catalytic converter is designed for vehicles made in 1995 or earlier. Or you could upgrade to the slightly higher priced aftermarket NAPA CalCat Universal Catalytic Converter outfitted with a high-tech wash coat formulated and precisely applied to deliver superior performance. However, if your vehicle's application consists of a catalytic converter with an integrated exhaust manifold, both the catalytic converter and exhaust manifold need replaced at the same time. Shop NAPA Solutions for catalytic converters with integrated manifolds.

Is your commuter vehicle West Coast ready? For any modern car, truck, SUV or minivan to be 'street legal,' it must be EPA Compliant per federal regulations, which are administered by the state where your vehicle is registered. To pass an emission test in environmentally friendly states like California, Colorado and New York, your vehicle must also meet or exceed more stringent standards set by CARB. This means your replacement catalytic converter must also incorporate advanced technology. For these owners and drivers, our NAPA experts suggest the MagnaFlow California Catalytic Converter, which is guaranteed effective and engineered to communicate with California Emissions Control Systems.

The NAPA Network is dedicated to assisting car enthusiasts and aspiring mechanics working in their home garages by offering catalytic converter installation kits, which might require welding or other fabricating to install a universal converter. Browse our catalog from the NAPA Solutions brand in partnership with Dorman aftermarket parts. NAPAOnline also offers a wide range of catalytic converter parts from recognizable brands like MagnaFlow and BRExhaust.

For professional technicians, NAPA offers replacement exhaust parts for nearly any commercial vehicle on the road. For instance, check out the Universal Catalytic Converter Air Tube by NAPA Exhaust. It is available in a wide range of styles and sizes plus the state-of-the-art construction provides superior sealing capability for reduced leakage and the high-quality raw materials allow greater corrosion resistance for a longer life.

Don't Leave Home Without It

Catalytic converter thefts have ¿skyrocketed in the last few years.¿ Catalytic converters are structured like a ceramic honeycomb (a surface lined with tiny pores) that are coated with platinum, rhodium or palladium. In less than a minute, a thief armed with a power saw can rip off your catalytic converter with plans to sell it to a chop shop for its precious metals.

Save yourself the $100 to $400 cost to replace a catalytic converter plus the headache of a DIY project or trip to the auto body shop. Order catalytic converter locks for each of your vehicles today! These uncuttable, unbreakable, heavy-duty wire cages will deter almost any criminal from stealing your catalytic converter. Our top seller is a stainless-steel option with a lifetime warranty, which has an easy-to-install, universal application for all vehicles with an exhaust.

NAPA is the convenient headquarters for complete engine-to-tailpipe coverage of replacement exhaust parts and emissions control systems for popular domestic and import vehicles in standard, high-performance and commercial fleet vehicle applications. When you shop NAPAOnline for aftermarket catalytic converter parts, from adapters to heat shield retainers, take advantage of In-Store Pickup, Same Day Delivery or Free One-Day Shipping.