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Exhaust System Parts: Pipes and Mufflers

Part Types

Why Your Exhaust System Matters

Exhaust systems are an integral part of an engine's combustion process. They act as the lungs of your vehicle, regulating internal heat, noise and appropriate airflow to ensure safe driving and elevated performance. The main job of an exhaust system is to push along combustion gases and chemicals through your vehicle using a series of pipes and filtration techniques. The end result? The careful emission of engine gases with as little contaminants as possible.

Substances like debris particles, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide contribute to human and environmental toxicity, which leaves a huge amount of responsibility on how well your exhaust system functions. Unfortunately, a lot of factory exhaust systems won't last as long as your engine itself, especially if you live in harsh climates where moisture, road salt and rust run rampant. This often means shorter lifespans for exhaust parts, poor vehicle performance and potentially dangerous driving conditions developing over time.

Have You Exhausted Your Exhaust?

When in good condition, your exhaust system fundamentally works like this: the combustion gases are pushed through the exhaust manifold (or header), making room for fresh oxygen to enter the engine chamber. Then, the catalytic converter reduces harmful emissions (like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide) before delivering it through a noise-reducing muffler and tailpipe. When these components are all in working order, your engine gets plenty of clean airflow, your driving is smooth and quiet plus you're even able to maximize your fuel efficiency.

However, over time, these internal systems are subjected to hot temperatures and corrosion damage. Depending on how hard you hit the pedal, you might be pushing past the limits of your own exhaust system. If you hear loud rattling or ticking noises, feel unusual vibrations, see leaks and stains or smell suspicious fumes, it might be time for an exhaust system replacement. Check out this NAPA blog article on "Understanding Exhaust Systems: When Is Replacement Necessary?" for more detailed symptoms of a failed exhaust.

Whatever you do, don't ignore these signs! When you're dealing with potentially fatal gases and chemicals, it's never too soon to figure out the root cause of your problem. Roll into your nearest NAPA AutoCare Center for professional advice and service or shop exhaust system parts on NAPAOnline if you're ready to take on the challenge yourself.

Performance Gains

A lot of vehicles have powerful, high-quality engines, but come with constrained exhaust parts that don't maximize the combustion's full potential. Exhaust systems can get overlooked when it comes to the world of aftermarket add-ons, but well-made systems offer an incredibly inexpensive way to reach that turbo-level status without completely upgrading your entire vehicle.

Aftermarket exhaust systems are engineered to expand the breathing room of your hardworking engine. If you limit or cut off that important source of oxygen, things start to get dicey. By upgrading an entire exhaust system or simply a few of its components, you level-up the ability to driver harder and faster at the track without overheating your engine.

For example, an aftermarket muffler can enhance airflow and boost performance, while a mandrel-bent exhaust pipe speeds up (and frees up) the flow of gases without the effects of wrinkling or kinking. An exhaust resonator can lessen the vibrational drone, while a muffler heat shield can help sustain cooler cabin temperatures to avoid damage.

Loud and Proud

There's plenty of cosmetic upgrades available for your ride, but how many can level-up your vehicle's looks, functionality and sound? A new exhaust system is sure to bring new lifeblood to your engine and it'll add a polished detail to your vehicle's rear-end. But one of the most notable benefits of an exhaust upgrade is the bold, ferocious noise that asserts your vehicle's presence on the road. Whether you're looking for a steady rumble or an aggressive roar, NAPA AUTO PARTS carries a wide selection of exhaust parts for your desired noise level.

It's natural to want the most out of your performance-driven vehicle. With modern exhaust solutions, you can achieve optimal performance by feeding your engine exactly what it needs to perform at its best. To get added horsepower, a nice growl and more bang for your buck when it comes to gas consumption, your answer is as simple as this: an exhaust system upgrade. Order all the parts for an exhaust system you need and connect to our professionals from the palm of your hand¿by downloading the NAPA KNOW HOW App today!