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Hybrid and EV

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Maintain Peak Performance With Your EV

Electric vehicle purchases often start with a lot of questions. Can an EV get you through a typical day of driving without needing a recharge? How many places in your area offer electric vehicle charging stations? Are you willing to pay to have a car charging station installed at home? Fortunately, when it comes to questions about the range of 100 percent electric operated vehicles, the answers are getting better and better. The average range of a new EV is between 200 and 330 miles, close to the milage of a conventional fuel tank.

A great benefit to the longevity of fully electric vehicles, often called smart cars, is that there are fewer parts than with standard internal combustion engine models. The main components of an EV include the battery pack, thermal cooling system, electric motor, a single-speed transmission, drive system and a power electronics controller. This tight list of major auto components means EVs do not require oil changes, spark plug or timing belt replacements, no emissions tests or exhaust system maintenance, and no engine or complex transmission repairs.

From electric powertrains to advanced battery technologies, modern EVs are considered top of the line because of their sleek design and smooth operation. Even though an electric vehicle is lighter than a typical combustion car, the standard items to watch for wear include brake components, chassis parts, climate control features and the steering and suspension system. The one maintenance area that will cost more is the electric vehicle battery. NAPA AUTO PARTS carries the replacement parts you need for Tesla models, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Porsche Taycan and more. Sign up for NAPA Rewards today, and save on electric vehicle replacement parts, including accumulators, cabin air filters, hoses, blow motors, brake pads, coolants and antifreeze, sensors like the tire pressure monitoring system valve, high and low beam lightbulbs, interior accessories like cargo liners, wiper blades and car care products.

Save Even More With Your Hybrid

Hybrid automobile technology appeals to customers looking for quiet, efficient performance that reduces emissions and captures sustainable energy, while still providing spacious interiors and high-tech electrical systems. NAPA AUTO PARTS carries all the parts you need for new and used hybrid vehicles, including the Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt and recent fleet editions by Ford and Chrysler.

A hybrid vehicle pairs an electric powertrain with a gas engine, so when the electric motor takes over, the gas engine shuts down. Regenerative braking, also found in most electric vehicles, redirects the friction from stopping the car into the battery to replenish its charge. Because this greatly reduces the heat applied to the brakes and brake pads, replacement of these components will be farther apart in a hybrid, often twice as long as brake replacements on a conventional gas-powered model. And, because the cooling system isn't subjected to the extreme heat and vibration of an internal combustion engine, it lasts longer too.

Hybrid vehicles still operate a complex system, so repairs and maintenance remain routine. Sign up for NAPA Rewards today, and save on hybrid vehicle replacement parts, including actuators, A/C control relays, air brakes, air suspension valves, battery cooling fans, battery service plugs, coolant pumps, condensers and compressors, heat exchangers, hybrid drivetrain parts, power inverters, serpentine belts and tensioner kits, thermostats, wheel bearings and hub assemblies.

Used hybrid cars, trucks and SUVs are becoming better and better options for saving money on the sticker price and at the gas pump. The typical hybrid battery has a usable lifespan between seven and ten years, and lasts around 150,000 miles before the storage capacity and energy transfer properties decay. NAPA AUTO PARTS carries brand new and remanufactured hybrid batteries, delivering a great price when it's time to replace your hybrid car battery.

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