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Vehicle Interior Parts and Accessories

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A Home Away from Home

The inside of your vehicle is so much more than just a cockpit. It can be a dining room, a karaoke practice studio and even your mobile office. Over time, these many uses can result in the car interior parts and accessories deteriorating. Stains from spilled food and drinks can soil upholstery and create long-lasting odors that are tough to remove, and damaged or missing components can be distracting and dangerous.

Your car, truck or SUV is a haven for you and your passengers, so why not treat it accordingly? NAPA AUTO PARTS knows that taking care of such a versatile space can really pay off. Upgrading the factory mats in your 2015 Chevrolet Silverado to the reliable protection of WeatherTech floor mats is a great place to start shopping for truck interior accessories. Replacing cracked, warped or faded trim in your 2010 Toyota Tundra truck interior and replacing worn out body seals not only extend the life of your vehicle, but it can also improve the comfort of your cabin for you and your passengers. It also helps you maintain the resale value of your vehicle in a competitive used car market.

Safeguard Your Seats

From weekend trips with camping gear to quick stops at the drive-thru for a snack to rides with your furry friend, your vehicle's seats see a lot of wear and tear. Most people don't realize that installing seat covers is not only easy, but it's a fast and affordable way to completely overhaul the appearance of your interior while also safeguarding your seats from further damage and staining. That saves you and your passengers from dingy and smelly seats and saves your vehicle from a resale value decline.

NAPA AUTO PARTS carries a wide range of great-looking and affordable seat covers in all the most popular brand names. Get the premium functionality of WeatherTech seat covers or the nostalgic appeal of the classic blanket seat covers from Northern Frontier. For those with a love of the great outdoors, shop our range of Mossy Oak camo seat covers in a huge array of patterns for every season. We also offer seat organizers for keeping maps, snacks and emergency equipment handy and keeping clutter in its place during long road trips.

Keep Your Trim Looking Trim

Whether you drive a Dodge Ram Truck or a retro classic Dodge Daytona, one issue is common: deteriorating trim. Over time, the repetitive actions of opening and closing doors and windows, adjusting the temperature and shifting gears can wear down the plastic pieces and metal hardware of your interior components like door pulls , door sills and shift knobs .

Prolonged exposure to the sun can also take a toll on the instrument panel, dash and interior trim of your vehicle, resulting in cracked, faded or warped dash inserts and instrument bezels. Letting your best furry friend stick their head out the window is great for your pup, but their claws can scratch and damage the door panels. If you need to refurbish your interior trim, NAPA AUTO PARTS offers a wide selection of replacement trim options, so you can give your vehicle a much-needed refresh.

Don't Let the Elements In

Some drivers are happiest with the top down on their Ford Mustang Convertibles or with the doors and soft tops of their Jeep Wranglers fully removed. But gathering storm clouds and relentless sun can do a lot of damage to the interior of your car, truck or SUV.

If you trace the root cause of a smelly vehicle interior, you come to one common denominator: moisture. Whether it's from your spilled soda, wet dog fur or a leaky sunroof, keeping moisture out of your interior is the best way to prevent odors from hanging around inside your vehicle. When it comes to faded dashboards, damaged leather seats and deteriorating steering wheels, the sun's UV rays are usually the culprit.

Keeping your vehicle's interior dry and protected from the sun will add to your resale value and make the most of your time in your car, truck or SUV. Shop all of our great deals on weather stripping , body seals, sunshades , steering wheel covers and other car interior parts and accessories at NAPAOnline. Sign up for NAPA Rewards today and earn one point for every $1 you spend!