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Vehicle Interior Parts & Accessories

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Be Safely Locked In

Think for a moment about all the small latches and locking mechanisms you use in the cabin of your car every day. From the car door lock actuators to the small buttons, knobs and handles you twist, push and pull to open and close the console, glove box and sunglass compartment. All these latches are made of plastic and metal that can become worn and eventually fail. The latch on most glove boxes features a striker plate and bolt, and replacement can be done easily in under an hour.

Just like other vehicles, the design of the internal car door locks on your Hyundai Tucson have improved a lot over the years. In the past, locking systems required a key, and each door lock had to be engaged by hand. These days, power lock systems and automatic locking systems ensure that you can engage your car door locks from the inside in a variety of ways.

Replacing or repairing a car door lock actuator may seem involved, but with a little NAPA Know How, you can lock down this repair in no time.

Get A Handle On Interior Parts

You never know how agile you really are until your interior door handle breaks. Fortunately, if the plastic door handle has snapped off or the latch mechanism has failed, NAPA AUTO PARTS has all the vehicle-specific interior replacement parts like door handles and door handle bezels you need to repair your car, truck, van or SUV without bending over backwards.

Whether your car's transmission is automatic or manual, gripping a shifter to change gears is sacred to many drivers, and the appearance and feel of the shifter knob can be just as important. NAPA AUTO PARTS stocks an impressive array of attractive and comfortable aftermarket spherical and t-shaped shifter handles in a variety of eye-catching materials like leather and chrome.

Drivers of older cars know the headaches when yet another knob pulls out or breaks off. The parking brake on most modern vehicles engages and disengages either in the center console or with a foot pedal, but some cars use a pull knob that is prone to breaking. Likewise, some door locks on classic vehicles are disengaged by pulling upwards, and often pull out of the door altogether. Check out NAPA AUTO PARTS' extensive offering of headlight knobs, temperature control knobs, window lift knobs, parking brake knobs and door lock knobs.

It's Always Time To Buckle Up!

Fastening your seatbelt should always be the first thing you do before you drive away. The three-point seatbelt was first utilized by Volvo in the late 1950s, and now appears as standard equipment in most automobiles, saving lives every day. While they are constructed using extremely wear-resistant woven synthetic fibers, seatbelts and their metal and plastic components can eventually wear out.

It's a good idea to check the parts of your seatbelts routinely:

      • Buckle each belt into the latch and check for any looseness, grinding or rattling
      • Ensure the locking mechanism holds when the belt is suddenly jerked
      • Engage the release mechanism of each latch
      • Inspect the metal of the tongue and plastic housing for rust or cracking
      • Be sure the belt properly retracts when the buckle is released
      • Inspect the woven polyester of each belt for tears or deterioration

If it's time to replace your seatbelt straps, or the metal and plastic seatbelt components, check NAPA AUTO PARTS catalog of seat belts and seat belt parts. Don't forget, as a AAA Member, you get exclusive discounts and rewards when you shop with NAPA!

Take A Clean, Comfortable Seat

From passenger traffic, loading and unloading cargo to a few dozen coffee spills, your car seats will take a beating over the years. Modern vehicle seats on a durable metal frame are designed to be adjustable for the occupant's comfort. They feature a complex network of seat springs, seat cables, tracks and brackets. Some models have a simple lever system that allows a seat to slide forward, backward and recline. Other models use motorized tracks and have seat memory systems. Other important seat components that may need replacing are release handles, seat cable and guide pulley, headrests, armrests and shock absorbers.

Let The Sun and Moon Shine In

One of the most luxurious parts of a vehicle's interior is the sunroof or moonroof. When the weather is nice, opening the moonroof to let in some fresh air and light is a great way to make your driving experience even better. But just like many of the other electronic parts on a vehicle, the sunroof's motor and components can wear down or fail over time.

The two main problems for sunroofs can usually be traced back to power and debris. A loss of power to the motor may cause the glass panel to become stuck. First check that no debris or loose wiring are stuck in the tracks of the moonroof. Then, simply add a small amount of silicone grease to the tracks to improve mobility. If those maintenance solutions fail, reference your car's manual to find the fuse related to the sunroof, as well as the switch, cables and motor.

A leaking sunroof or dripping moonroof can cut a fun drive short, so it's good to know what to look for when you are diagnosing a leaky sunroof. If you've already cleared out any debris, check the drainage. Water is sent to tubes that run through the body of the vehicle and release at the bottom. If these tubes have become clogged or bent, the water won't drain, and that can be the origin of the leaky moonroof. If the glass or seals on the sunroof are cracked or warped, these will need replacing.

Dash, Trim And Bezel

Because the instrument panel bezel of a dashboard is where you get most of your vehicle's operating information, it tends to be a huge eyesore if it becomes worn, faded or cracked from sun damage. Dash covers, along with new and remanufactured instrument panels and instrument panel lenses, are a great way to breathe new life back into your car's cockpit.

While it might seem like a small aggravation, a sagging sun visor can block your field of vision and become a distraction while driving. It's a good idea to replace the visor brackets and clips if they've worn down or broken to keep your Ford F150's sun visor held in place while you drive.